Kreoo Dame Collection

May 27, 2023

Dame, the new collection of freestanding and countertop marble washbasins designed by French designer Christophe Pillet for Kreoo, is the celebration of different aesthetics coming to life as works of art for the bathroom. A design that is born from the dichotomy between classic and contemporary, minimal and decorative. 

With this Kreoo collection, Pillet solves the relationship between old and new by creating marble sinks and free-standing basins that are partially smooth and honed and partially hand sculpted. The exterior has been treated like a precious sculpture, with circular counter sinks and geometric free-standing washbasins. The interior of the product can be in contrast and customized with a choice of five types of marble to achieve the elegance of two-toned natural materials. The sets of stone meet around the border that have been skillfully cut to an extremely thin thickness.