Simas PO•MO Washbasin Collection

January 15, 2023

Simas has introduced the PO•MO design washbasin collection, signed by Terri Pecora, with geometric and decided shapes, whose aesthetic is distinguished by a “step” at the base of each piece. The brand has also launched Balloon, from the Simas Design Team, featuring curved and friendly bowls with different diameters and depths, full of light and overflowing with energy.

The new Simas collections are available in a new range of glossy colors, such as caramello (tending towards blush pink), capri (a deep shade of blue between cyan and blue), menta (intense fresh green), narciso (energetic yellow), rubino (red intense dark), grafite (bright gray) and lavanda (scented lilac), which are added to the glossy black and white and the wide range of matte finishes.