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VitrA Liquid Range by Tom Dixon

October 17, 2021

Global bathroom brand VitrA introduces Liquid – a new range designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon. Liquid is the first ever bathroom range by the acclaimed British designer.

The range is the latest addition to VitrA’s portfolio of designer collaborations, part of a long-standing program of working with world-renowned designers to create distinctive, modern bathroom collections. Dixon was impressed by VitrA’s extensive experience and highly specialized in-house design team, spending time at the sophisticated manufacturing plant and Innovation Centre at the core of the company’s operation. The collaboration with VitrA has allowed him to explore new design opportunities while gaining an appreciation of the complexities of manufacturing products for the bathroom.

VitrA and Dixon share a similar vision for creating innovative and original designs that retain their appeal over the years. For Liquid, part of his inspiration was Victorian bathrooms. The fact that clay is readily available and extremely durable resonated with the designer, particularly from a sustainability perspective. Like much of Dixon’s recent work, the new collection is aligned with his increasing use of round-edged aesthetics. The designs have been inspired by elements of pop art, such as Jeff Koons and his “Balloon Dog” and the work of Claes Oldenburg, as well as the sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s geometry of soft forms and use of rounded marble.

Tom and VitrA’s shared vision was to create a complete bathroom solution that is for everyone — contemporary without being of the moment. During months of close collaboration, VitrA and Dixon explored lots of new ideas. The final result is Liquid, a range that is wholly new and yet somehow familiar.

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