Acquabella Serena Bathtub

November 24, 2021

Acquabella ushers in a new era of bathing with its latest freestanding tub Serena. Luxuriate in perfect bliss with Serena, a softly contoured tub with graceful curves inspired by undulating ocean tides. This beautiful bath is a brilliant pairing of traditional elegance and modern innovation.

Tides have long been associated with a sense of renewal and harmony, and the Serena tub captures their mesmerizing essence by providing an extraordinary soaking experience that refreshes the body and restores the mind and spirit. As an established European brand known for style innovation and exceptional quality, Acquabella presents the new bathtub to make its debut in the North American market.

Flowing lines and a graceful silhouette make Serena a standout among freestanding models and a smart choice for today’s fashion-forward bathrooms. Measuring a generous 67 by 29 by 32 inches, Serena has been thoughtfully designed to cradle the bather in singular comfort.

The Serena bathtub is crafted from Acquabella’s signature Dolotek material, a superior mineral composite, resulting in a flawless finish that is silky smooth to the touch. Dolotek offers the added benefit of providing an antibacterial surface that is easy to clean and is amazingly durable and resistant to UV rays and thermal shock. The Serena tub is offered in a snow white standard finish and includes options for a striking dual-tone look with pairings in brown, light gray, dark gray and black.

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