September 5, 2017

BainUltra unveils Opalia, a collection of therapeutic baths inspired by the splendor of an elegant opal. Known as a symbol of love and creativity, this precious jewel has been prized over the centuries for its luminescent beauty and soothing properties. BainUltra has captured that essence in a line of freestanding tubs.

Opalia features fascinating curves that are available in five configurations. The oval inner shell of the bath can be centered, off-centered to either side, or oblique from the center, creating an intriguing play of elliptical shapes and boldly distinctive decks. The tub measures 68 by 39 by 25 inches with generous proportions to accommodate two bathers in comfort and comes in two finishes – Glossy or UltraVelour Matte. Crafted by hand for a seamless appearance, the tubs are made exclusively of acrylic for durability and lasting beauty.

As with all BainUltra baths, the Opalia Collection was designed with wellness and relaxation in mind. Multiple therapeutic benefits are available to create the ultimate soaking experience. In the ThermoMasseur category, Opalia offers the bliss of hydro-thermo massage to relax the body and mind, relieve back pain, stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxins. Geysair technology adds further enhancement with warm air jets that provide uniform heat and maintain water temperature for longer periods. Opalia is also available in the popular ThermaSens category featuring integrated aromatherapy (AromaCloud), chromatherapy and Thermotherapy with WarmTouchShell heating zones.