Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Bidet Seat

February 3, 2022

Bio Bidet by Bemis has introduced the Discovery DLS Bidet Seat, a luxury, heated seat with temperature controls and automatic open and close. With UV sterilization and a self-cleaning nozzle, an automatic and touchless lid and seat controls, a night light and a stylish low-profile design, the Discovery DLS brings about a new standard for bidet seats. Other notable features include unlimited warm water, adjustable seat temperature, an enhanced three-stage warm air dryer and a new wireless remote with a modern and user-friendly design. 

Wash cycles can be customized to the user’s liking with adjustable spray patterns, water pressure and temperatures. The comfortable heated seat includes a built-in occupancy sensor to detect when a user is seated for preventing unwanted water sprays. Water heating has also been improved with rapid temperature control functionality in the dynamic stream function. 

The Discovery DLS bidet is available today for order on Bio Bidet’s website.