Drummonds Hammered Brass Finish

August 29, 2023

Drummonds has introduced hammered brass finish, now available to order on four of its classic cast iron baths — Tamar, Tay, Usk and Wye. The new finish is a uniquely luxurious craft process. It begins with wrapping the bath exterior in sheet brass, which  is then beaten into place by hand with mallets, creating characteristic undulations and dimples. Finally, the metal is polished to a high shine and then lacquered to preserve the natural warmth and gleaming luster of the brass.

Based on a traditional bateau shape, Drummonds’ freestanding baths make striking centerpieces for today’s bathrooms. They celebrate the many artisanal processes involved in the making of Drummonds’ cast iron baths — from the pouring of the molten iron to the dry frit enameling, each bath takes several weeks to make, even before the specialist hand finishing.