Duka Colour Up Your Life Proposal

August 1, 2022

After Pura 5000 ColourArt, Duka continues the aesthetic and conceptual restyling of the icons of its production with the new Colour Up Your Life proposal. In this new offering, some solutions from the Natura 4000 and Libero 4000 series bring color into the bathrooms, allowing the Duka shower enclosures to become elements with an even more contemporary appeal. 

Technological, functional, safe and beautiful — the numerous models of Natura 4000 and Libero 4000 Colour Up Your Life series reinterpret the concept of well-being as comfort and visual gratification. Design and color create unique and emotional environments. 

Profiles, handles, hinges and other structural components are turned into elegant decorative details thanks to the brilliant metal finishes copper pearl, brass pearl and black pearl. Shower enclosures thus become increasingly customisable spaces, for different configurations that suit the space and respond to different living requirements and individual tastes.

The unedited colors combined with different opening systems, glass varieties and installation options make Natura 4000 shower enclosures high-quality solutions. In a furnishing project, the bathroom is considered not only from the viewpoint of functionality and efficiency, but above all of harmony. Whichever solution you choose, Duka therefore makes it possible to create refined combinations or surprising contrasts that change the atmosphere of your bathroom. The shower enclosure can be combined with the taps and fittings, the lacquer of the sink, the finish of the radiator or other accessories. Libero 4000 also offers the same liberty in designing the bathroom space.

Natura 4000 is the shower enclosure that guarantees longevity and performance thanks to the purity of its lines, the stability guaranteed by 6mm tempered safety glass and the technical innovations that define it. It is available in a standard height of 200cm and a special height of 210cm. 

Libero 4000 is the synthesis of an elegant formal and expressive balance, is the walk-in shower enclosure with 6mm tempered safety glass that combines functionality and aesthetics in an open space defined only by a glass wall that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. 

The structural elements and metal components of Natura 4000 and Libero 4000 are fixed to the glass by the proven Duka UV adhesive technology that eliminates the need for screws and ensures high glass resistance. The smooth inner surface, without any raised components or obstacles, facilitates care and cleaning of the shower enclosure, enhancing its aesthetics.

Other functional features, such as the offset pivot point of the pivot door solutions, which optimizes the shower space, and the splash protection, which offers maximum protection and discretion, underline the quality of the two series.