Duravit Zencha Collection

October 18, 2022

Duravit North America is pleased to introduce Zencha, a comprehensive new collection by the award-winning designer Sebastian Herkner. Recognizing bathrooms as a sacred space for routines, reflection and relaxation, Herkner drew inspiration from traditional Japanese bathing and tea culture, as well as the thoughtful craftsmanship that enhances these experiences. Zencha balances organic shapes, authentic materials and contemporary finishes to upgrade the bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

Striking yet delicate in its design language, Zencha appeals to each of the senses across its range of offerings.


Inspired by Japanese tea bowls, each of Zencha’s above-counter basins taper with a subtle curve to a slightly outward sloping rim. The washbowls — made of Duravit‘s DuraCeram with rounded corners — are available with or without a faucet deck. The ceramic drain cover is perfectly integrated into the basin and the slotted waste protects against overflow. The above-counter basins are available in a range of neutral hues to fit any style including white, anthracite matte, white satin matte and gray satin matte.

Furniture and Cabinets

Zencha’s minimalist furniture with pure, straight lines offers the perfect contrast to the organically curved ceramic products. With ample storage space for everyday objects, the furniture and cabinets structure the room and bring a sense of visual warmth and comfort. The body and frame of the furniture are available with an easy-to-clean surface with anti-fingerprint effect, offered in subtle colors. Each offering features a delicate, handcrafted frame, only ¼ inches thick. Versatile and functional, the vanities can be specified with drawers with push-to-open and soft-closing technology. Cabinet fronts in Natural Oak and Black Oak provide warmth, while white flat glass and black textured glass offer sensual elegance to the bathroom. 


A fitting focal point of any bathroom, the Zencha freestanding bathtubs are made of DuraSolid and feature the same striking yet delicate design language as the rest of the collection. The 49¼-by-49¼-in. version resembles the shape of the square above-counter basin. With its considerable depth, it invites you to immerse yourself in the soothing water, reminiscent of a Japanese onsen bath. The tub is also available in two rectangular versions. 


To round out the collection, Herkner designed a separate mirror that replicates the contour of the basins. The organic shape is accentuated by a subtle LED strip that encircles the frame. The lighting can be controlled either with a sensor on the bottom of the mirror or by using an app. With more than 300 lux, the mirror’s glare-free light source can also serve as the main lighting in the bathroom.