Fir Italia My Wellness & Showers

May 22, 2021

Maximum relax through revitalizing caresses of water and the beneficial influence of colors. My Wellness & Showers is the Fir Italia program of shower furniture which guarantee to immerse yourself in an absolute well-being dimension. Shower solutions for any type of bathroom, available in numerous variants that differ in design, type of installation and size. Energy saving shower configurations that facilitate effective management of water consumption.

Synergy model multifunction shower head, characterized by a design inspired by nature, are made of stainless steel with the internal part of the DuPont Corian showerhead. The Playone models, on the other hand, are integrated shower heads with minimalist squared shapes, integrated entirely in stainless steel.

All Fir Italia multifunctional shower heads are equipped with three jets of water (tropical rain, ideal waterfall for cervical and nebulized massage), and takes place starting from 10/9 litres per minute. “Green” water-saving shower solutions, which offers an optimization of the water flow regulation, offers the pleasant sensation of a vigorous and regenerating jet.

The bathroom has increasingly become a central environment in the home, a privileged place to take care of yourself. With Fir Italia multifunction shower heads, you can relive the spa experience even in your bathroom, letting yourself be lulled on the wave of the chromotherapy effect, by a revitalizing tropical rain, refreshing waterfalls and intoxicating clouds of tiny drops of water, while keeping control on consumption in terms of water. Fir Italia shower heads with chromotherapy system offer the possibility to choose between eight different colours: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, violet, white. Thanks to the use of the waterproof remote control, you can choose and select a shade or start the automatic transition from one color to another. The functioning of the chromotherapy effect is independent from the use of water.