Gessi Colour Collection

July 18, 2021

Gessi combines ethereal elements of water and light to create a spectacular shower system known as Colour. As part of the brand’s signature Private Wellness Program, Colour employs refreshing waterfalls, stimulating hydro-massage, soft nebulized mists and mood-changing hues to produce a sensory shower like no other. It is a masterful merging of function, aesthetic and technical prowess that sets Gessi apart as a true innovator in the luxury plumbing industry.

Colour delivers a custom shower experience as part of Gessi’s commitment to empowering individuals to tailor their living spaces to reflect their own personal needs. Users may select and adjust water jets and program their own chromatherapy LED display. The pairing of flowing water and glowing lights promotes an aura of harmony and helps to refresh and restore the body, mind and spirit. A singular nebulizer function allows water to be atomized into gentle vapors, releasing negative ions into the air and enhancing one’s mood and mental energy.

The Colour Collection is crafted from stainless steel and available in a variety of finishes bringing a sleek, minimalist vibe to any bathroom decor. The LED coloring in its square or circular showerhead can be easily controlled by means of a digital keypad. Users may enjoy preprogrammed color sequences with automatic cycles or create a custom light show of their own design. Together the mesmerizing effect of water and light create a spa-like environment that inspires tranquility and helps to restore personal well-being.

Private Wellness Program is a signature concept driven by the brand’s commitment to innovation and designing products that enhance and improve the lives of their customers. The brand’s advanced shower concepts represent the a large array of steel showerheads and shower elements for hydro massage. Gessi’s aim is to create everyday wellness centers in private bathrooms, in addition to bringing their products to professional spa settings worldwide. Their modular elements can be customized to suit individual needs with patented aesthetics and advanced functions that are genuinely beneficial to the users. After decades of research, Gessi has truly become The Private Wellness Company.