Glass Design Mini Style Bathtub

January 17, 2023

Glass Design’s Mini Style bathtub designed by Marco Pisati has been revisited and refreshed in a number of ways. Displaying a sleeker and more minimalist design, the Mini Style bathtub – despite being the same size — allows for greater comfort within, thanks to a revised form which is wider and more ergonomic, not least since the overflow is directly integrated into the structure of the tub.

Towards the back there is a 90-degree angle, which allows it to fit snugly into a corner, a particular advantage in small bathroom settings. Furthermore, the area housing all the connections has also been modified to facilitate maintenance and installation. Of particular note is the fact the bathtub has been designed to accommodate all types of bath taps and comes complete with its own click clack waste in matching resin.

There are various colors available, either two-tone or single color, as well as the “anti-scratch” treatment addition — both for the interior and exterior of the tub — ensures the integrity of its color finish over time. The tub dimensions are 797.5mm by 1112mm (projection, including corner angle).

This Glass Design project has also taken into account the choice of material used, with the introduction of Vetrofreddo Compact, a new generation form of Vetrofreddo, that sees the union of aluminum oxides, titanium oxides and acrylic resins. This unique combination maintains the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the mineral material, whilst optimizing its physical and chemical properties.