Grassi Pietre Tetide

April 19, 2021

Designed by Debiasi Sandri, Grassi Pietre Tetide is a collection of bathroom elements made of Pietra di Vicenza, consisting of washbasins and a circular bathtub characterized by geometrical and linear shapes, for a clean aesthetic and pure volumes to evoke intense suggestions.

The stone of the Berici Hills is also called soft stone, due to its easy workability and is classified into two distinct groups: the first one is called Pietra di Nanto and includes: the Nanto, the S. Germano, the Giallo Dorato, the Grigio Argento stone. All these stones come from the eocene are dated to fifty-five million years ago and characterized by a straw-yellow or gray color, due to the presence of iron oxides in their chemical composition.