Hastings Tile & Bath

January 13, 2016

Hastings Tile & Bath, the exclusive importers and distributors of VOLA products in the United States, is introducing VOLA’s newest collection of in-shower, spa products. VOLA has teamed up with the architects and designers from Aarhus Arkitekterne to develop two fittings that are simple and elegant and offer a spa experience.

Winner of the prestigious German Design Award 2016 in the category of Bath and Wellness, the collection includes the new “080W” waterfall shower. With a slim-line, cylindrical form, the waterfall shower features a long, narrow slit at the front through which a broad stream of water can flow. One intricate detail: While the inlet cylinder is placed to the rear on the right-hand side, the outlet cylinder is on the left at the front – presenting a visual “counterweight” that creates symmetry. An ideal addition is the “070W” Kneipp hose in pure white, which has a particularly generous diameter of 2.5 cm., allowing water to flow plentifully and making it suitable for targeted massage and alternating temperature treatments.