Icera iWash S-12 Bidet Seat

September 6, 2022

Icera, manufacturer of high-performance, luxury toilet fixtures, is adding to its iWash line of electronic bidet seats with the launch of the iWash S-12. The new seat offers all the premium features of previous models—including a warm air dryer, heated seat and built-in deodorizer—plus the convenience of an auto-open/soft-close seat lid. 

The iWash S-12 bidet boasts a slim profile and installs easily in place of a traditional seat on most elongated toilets.

The luxury performance of the iWash S-12 begins with the cleansing bidet spray. A tankless, instant ceramic water heating system provides an unlimited supply of warm water to the gently oscillating front and rear spray; the self-cleaning spray nozzle is adjustable for pressure. For further comfort, the bidet includes a heated seat and warm air dryer, both adjustable for temperature, as well as a built-in activated carbon deodorizer and an in-bowl LED nightlight.

Icera‘s new bidet seat operates via a wall-mount remote control and offers memory settings for up to two users. It comes with seat mounting hardware, metal T-valve and water transfer hose.