Jacuzzi Luxury Bath

January 19, 2017

Jacuzzi Luxury Bath has announced the launch of its first freestanding whirlpool bathtub – the Modena jetted bath.  Standard features of the Modena Freestanding Whirlpool Bath include eight flush-mount SlimPro jets, standard LED Chromatherapy, electronic control panel and four bathtub color options.

To minimize noise and vibration related to a jetted system, the Modena features Whisper+ Technology.  Together with vibration dampeners, this technology reduces the noise and vibration associated with a standard Whirlpool system up to 66 percent, according to third-party testing.  Furthermore, the brushless motor offers eco-friendly heat transfer to the water and uses 60 percent less energy than a standard heated whirlpool system without sacrificing performance.

The Jacuzzi CleanLine anti-microbial water lines ensure purity and durability of all Jacuzzi whirlpool systems.  To assist in proper drainage, Jacuzzi bathtubs have gravity-assisted, drain-down plumbing. To facilitate the maintenance process, the Jacuzzi Systems Clean formula, provided upon product registration, quickly deep cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes the bath.

The Modena Freestanding Whirlpool Bath ships with a drain-alignment kit and template to facilitate the installation process. Once positioned, adjustable leveling feet allow fine-tuning to ensure level placement.  The tub-in-tub construction of the Modena bath allows for servicing without an access panel – the inner well is simply removed from the outer skirt.