November 17, 2016

With its new DOME sauna and steam bath concept KLAFS offers a modern and harmonious design with flowing forms. The dome roof is made of copper – a material, which provides a warm, natural brilliance. KLAFS has placed the evaporator of the DOME steam bath in the center of the cabin, and the steam nozzle is designed like a crystal ball with many small openings and an indirect light, so it will bathe the steam and the cabin in colored light.

The basic structure of the DOME steam bath is the award-winning D12 – an innovative concept with a modular structure in aluminum and glass. This unique atmosphere is accentuated with the starry sky and the high-gloss, deep blue walls and ceiling panels. Additionally, KLAFS has integrated a hamam basin between the evaporator and the cabin wall, which means this latest D12 model is not only a classical steam bath, but can also be used for hamam applications.

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