February 15, 2017

Kohler introduces two new cleansing seats, providing cost-effective solutions to consumer demands for a more hygienic toileting experience. The new KOHLER C3-155 and C3-050 offer myriad comfort features in seats that can retrofit onto an existing elongated toilet, elevating the experience to a more spa-like level with minimal investment and effort.

Features of the C3-050 and C3-155 cleansing seats from Kohler include wash modes for front and rear, utilizing adjustable water temperature and pressure. Both also include Quiet-Close lids and seats for quiet, slow closing without slamming, Quick-Release hinges to allow for fast and easy removal of the seat for cleaning and Grip-Tight bumpers for added stability and to prevent shifting. In addition to these features, the C3-155 also offers an automatic deodorizer to keep the bathroom fresh, oscillating and pulsating sprays in its cleansing wand, warm air dryer, heated seat for added comfort, and an LED nightlight to illuminate the bowl and eliminate the need to turn on the overhead light during nighttime bathroom use.