Mansfield Plumbing

August 24, 2016

Mansfield Plumbing offers one-piece toilets that can save space in a small bathroom and impart an uncomplicated, modern design. The manufacturer’s one-piece toilets are available in the Aegean style, featuring an elongated front toilet bowl and a color-match SmartClose toilet seat. The Aegean model 705NS features a 1.6Gpf/6.0 lpf low water consumption while the Aegean ADA model 708 has 1.28 Gpf /4.86 lpf low water consumption. The Aegean ADA also has a SmartHeight bowl for easy access and maximum comfort. These one-piece toilets include high-performance MagnaFlush flushing technology and a two-in. glazed trapway. The toilets also feature a three-in. flush valve and pilot-operated anti-siphon fill valve. A side-mount, chrome-plated metal trip lever handle complements the sleek design of the toilet. The one-piece Aegean toilets come in white, biscuit and bone.