MTI Baths Bowie Tub

July 26, 2021

MTI Baths celebrates innovative design with the unveiling of its Bowie freestanding tub. Immediately striking for its “pleated” exterior, the Bowie adds unexpected texture to the bathroom with a style that is chic, fun and versatile. Inspired by ancient Egyptian techniques once used to embellish luxurious tunics, the intricate pleating detail on the tub’s exterior is a new look for MTI that was developed in collaboration with Source, an Atlanta-based design firm.

As part of the brand’s exclusive Boutique Collection, the Bowie is a sculptural masterpiece destined to be a standout in any bathroom setting. The tub measures 70 by 35 inches with a thoughtfully designed bathing well intended for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Offered as a soaker or air bath, each Bowie tub is made to order and hand-crafted from MTI‘s signature SculptureStone material, a mostly organic mixture of ground natural minerals and high-performance resins that gives the look and feel of molded stone. Bowie is available in white or biscuit with eight exterior color options, as well as a choice of matte or highly polished gloss finish. The finished product is solid, beautiful and durable with a non-porous surface that is stain- and mildew-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

The Bowie tub made its debut to rave reviews at the 2021 Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens in Atlanta.