MTI Baths

December 11, 2015

MTI Baths offers a bathing experience reminiscent of the great outdoors and a flowing forest stream. Stream Bath is available on most of MTI Baths Designer Collection drop-in tubs including soakers and air baths. The therapy inside utilizes directional currents of water flow with no trace of turbulence or bubbles. 

Since it uses vents, not jets, the output of Stream Bath moves the water around the body as opposed to directly on the bather like air bath or whirlpool jets. A whisper-quiet pump and strategically-placed rotating vents allow bathers to control the streams of water, customizing multiple ribbons of water as they flow across the body. The end vents create streams of water that flow toward the bather, and along both sides are asymmetrically positioned vents that can be rotated to direct ribbons of water in unique flow patterns. The Stream Bath flow can be customized to wrap behind the back or toward the surface to create a private “babbling brook.” An optional inline heater maintains the water temperature at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, creating an experience that invites relaxation and rejuvenation.