RainStick Shower

March 16, 2023

RainStick Shower, the Canadian clean technology company revolutionizing the water tech space, has introduced RainStick, North America’s first WiFi-enabled circular shower that saves 80% water and up to 80% energy while maintaining almost twice the flow rate compared to a traditional low-flow shower.

The appliance starts with fresh grid-supplied water; however, instead of going down the drain, the shower uses proprietary recirculation technology to capture, circulate and clean the water, all in real time to avoid waste. Its three-stage process removes hair and debris, disinfects water and kills bacteria and viruses through long-life UV-LED technology. 

Users can also download the RainStick App on their smartphone to instantaneously see environmental insights, allowing them to track their water usage and energy savings. RainStick continues to receive positive feedback from the industry, supporting the product’s vision to be an important factor in North American sustainable design projects in a connected home. The RainStick shower comes in two finishes, matte black and brushed nickel, and is now available for full order on the RainStick website, with order fulfillment scheduled for spring 2023.