Speakman Exhilaration Spray Technology

July 8, 2021

Speakman introduces Exhilaration Spray Technology in a collection of multi-function shower heads and hand showers.

The new Exhilaration sprays offer 344 individual spray outlets to accommodate four distinct sprays that allow the users to easily customize their shower experiences. The spray patterns include:

  • Rain: A soothing broad spray with wide coverage that is ideal for a relaxing, nature-inspired shower experience.
  • Reaction: This patented spray delivers a powerful drenching experience with angled and overlapping sprays for a superior rinse.
  • Massage: Leveraging the power of the inner spray outlets, the Massage spray soothes achy muscles with a forceful, targeted spray.
  • Satin: A most gentle, smooth spray, Satin leaves skin pleasantly cleansed and refreshed.

Exhilaration creates a spa-like ambiance right at home. From getting the soap out of the thickest hair to soothing muscles post-workout, one of these spray settings will meet the needs of the moment.

Speakman‘s Exhilaration Spray Technology is now available in the Neo, Kubos and Rainier collections as shower heads and hand showers. Neo offers a design with a round spray face that will effortlessly adapt to any bathroom décor, while Kubos and Rainier feature a square spray face with modern or traditional design details. All Exhilaration models are available in three finishes to coordinate with various bathroom color palettes: polished chrome, brushed nickel and matte black.