Victoria + Albert

July 11, 2018

Victoria + Albert expands its Barcelona Collection with two new freestanding tubs that combine beauty and practicality. The Barcelona 2 and Barcelona 3 reflect the same distinctive aesthetic as the Barcelona tub, which is typified by its flowing silhouette and modern rimless design.

What’s new is actually unseen but quite significant. A void space underneath both tubs conceals waste plumbing, making them an appropriate choice for remodeling projects where the tubs can be installed without disturbing existing flooring. The Barcelona 2 is the most compact tub in the collection and measures 66-7/8 inches long and 31-1/2 inches wide with a roomy depth of 16 inches. The Barcelona 3 is slightly larger at 70-1⁄2 inches long, and 34 inches wide and 17-1/8 inches deep.