Victoria + Albert

April 16, 2015

Victoria + Albert Baths has added a new model to its popular New Traditional collection, the Worcester tub. Christened in honor of an ancient English cathedral famed for its elaborate architecture – and also the South African town that is home to the Victoria + Albert factory – this freestanding roll-top bath is a blend of modern and traditional design. With a classically ribbed plinth and rim, the Worcester pays tribute to the detailing commonly found in vintage stonework. The profile of the tub is gently curved to create a sleek silhouette, and its clean aesthetic is suitable for a wide range of bathroom interiors. The plinth serves as a clever format to hide pipe work, while the tub’s strictly symmetrical design creates an ideal angle for comfortable recline, fully supporting the body. The Worcester measures 70 3⁄4-inches by 30 3⁄4-inches.

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