Antrax IT

October 6, 2016

Compact, high-tech and customizable, Lobello, a new product by Antrax IT, is a versatile towel warmer that was designed to blend in seamlessly with compact settings. Designed by Andrea Crosetta, its shape recalls that of a book, and a thin sheet of metal, which is completely recyclable, symbolically outlines its cover. This cover protrudes slightly compared to the “inside” pages. The spine faces up and the volume ideally assumes that traditional inclination due to the force of gravity. The slope of the front and back therefore make it ergonomic. Towels can be arranged in complete contact with the surface to dry them quickly. A large aluminum grab handle, which is also completely recyclable, secures the radiator to the wall and features the same finish as the radiator body. The Lobello is available in more than 200 standard color variants and measures 50 by 42.8 cm. The electric version has a power rating of 130 Watts, making it a low-consumption product that heats quickly.