Buster + Punch Cast Bathroom

November 10, 2022

Buster + Punch introduces a captivating new look and metalwork technique via the Cast Bathroom collection. The series combines the smoothness of the brand’s hand-polished solid metal bar with tactile Cast knuckles and grips that reference industrial techniques found in period buildings and factories. The rough and the smooth elements unite as one to tell a story of materials and the machines and hands that craft each piece. The complete range includes cabinet hardware, and clever bathroom accessories, including towel bars, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, mirrors, shelving and eye-catching soap bottle holders.

Available in four distinctive finishes — brass, steel, gun metal and welders black, Cast launches a new era and a new line of solid-metal machined hardware featuring bathroom rated EPL and baked on lacquered coatings to ensure sustained durability in wet areas.

The Cast Bathroom range features the same thoughtful metalworking techniques and coatings applied to towel rails, mirrors, shelving, toilet roll holders, hooks, soap bottle holders and shower door pulls. Cast Bathroom is supported by Buster + Punch body care collection. Shower gels, hand wash and hand lotion are each made from natural ingredients in the UK and packaged in bottles designed to fit the brand’s soap bottle holders.

By juxtaposing traditional, hand-poured sand casting with highly polished, machined fittings, Buster + Punch continues in its commitment to end the ordinary and presents an entirely new hardware silhouette with a dramatic tactile experience.