Haute Déco

January 15, 2020

Carat, the new lever door handle by Haute Déco, is inspired by the elegance of cut crystal. The levers feature an unusual shape fashioned entirely of cristalle glass made possible by the company’s specialist know-how with this material, which was developed at its workshop in Hampshire. Instead of having a metal mounting to which a glass tube is attached, Carat levers are cast entirely in cristalle glass around a jewelry-grade insert.

Beyond its unusual shape, the secret to this handle’s elegance lies in the cut-outs carved around the base. Like arrows rising up to the sky, they elevate the design, adding a further dose of elegance.  Carat levers can be ordered in pure translucent cristalle for a timeless look or in any of the gemstone colors. The cristalle glass is polished by hand in a total of seven stages to finer and finer grades, imparting a soft finish that turns opening a door into a real sensory experience.

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