May 8, 2017

Kohler has launched a touchless foaming and liquid soap dispenser. This customizable hand washing experience automatically dispenses foaming or liquid soap depending on the selected setting. The Kohler Touchless Soap Dispenser contains an LED light that illuminates for 20 seconds and turns off when the time is finished, making it an ideal solution for children who are learning the bathroom routine and a useful tool for preventing cross-contamination in the kitchen.

The 8.45 oz. Kohler Touchless Soap Dispenser contains an adjustable soap volume to provide the perfect amount of soap for each user. A strategically placed sensor prevents wasting soap along with preserving battery life.  The rubber ring located on the bottom of the Touchless  Soap Dispenser provides stability as well as protection against water penetrating the battery compartment. The soap level window allows users to easily see when to refill the soap. Additionally, the anti-drip spout prevents the soap from dripping onto the counter. Available in stainless steel and white finishes, the touchless soap dispenser is a winner of the 2017 Global Innovation Awards (GIA) that honors housewares for product design excellence.