Lacava Zoom Mirror

July 27, 2023

The Zoom Mirror from Lacava features an innovative tech trio comprising a sensor-operated soap dispenser, water faucet and hand-dryer. The cabinet behind the mirror houses the hardware for the fixtures that are concealed and installed behind the mirror frame. Distinct function decals are strategically placed directly in the front of each spout, offering clear instructions on usage and optimal placement of hands for the sensor operation. Three spouts are thoughtfully integrated behind a sleek frame, protruding subtly downward for maximum accessibility. An optional LED light and switch are available.   

The Lacava mirror is available with a rounded or rectangular frame, as well as frameless, in multiple wood and metal finishes. The Zoom touchless fixtures are available exclusively with spouts in brushed stainless steel. The Zoom cabinet provides a clean aesthetic, easy use of concealed fixtures for the user and effortless maintenance. The cabinet is installed above the sink top and houses all hardware.

Photo: Lacava