Nostalgic Warehouse Neoclassical Line

June 23, 2023

Nostalgic Warehouse is pleased to expand its collection of Egg & Dart hardware with the new Neoclassical Collection. This latest addition features the trademark patterns and intricate detailing the style is known for, but interprets them in a slightly more refined way for a look that is sleek and elegant.

The timeless Egg & Dart design has adorned some of history’s most significant buildings, from the Roman Forum in Italy to the ancient Parthenon in Athens. It was often used on columns and as moldings, and some historians claim the pattern represents the duality of life (the egg) and death (the dart). This enduring pattern has retained its popularity over the ages and was commonly used even through the early 20th century. As an expert in authentic period hardware, Nostalgic Warehouse is able to precisely replicate the repeating borders and curves of this classic pattern and translate them into stunning hardware for the home.

The Neoclassical Collection makes a grand impression from a distance and is even more extraordinary upon closer inspection. The collection includes a long plate, matching knob in brass or crystal, and a coordinating deadbolt. All are embellished with authentic Egg & Dart detailing that infuses vintage style into modern times. They are offered in a selection of nine distinctive finishes, including antique pewter, satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Each piece is made from solid forged brass that beautifully shows off the detailing of their designs, while the lead-free crystal knobs are clear and blemish-free.

Expand the design possibilities even further by pairing the new Neoclassical pieces with the brand’s existing Egg & Dart suite. Create a beautifully cohesive style by adding interior and entry door sets, and then complete the look with accessories like switch plates, outlet covers, cabinet knobs and cup pulls.