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Castro Lighting Byron Suspension

July 19, 2023

The Byron Suspension from Castro Lighting is a stunning statement piece capable of elevating a space. Inspired by the British Romantic poet and handcrafted by qualified professionals, this design is constituted by short gold-plated brass tubes embellished with engraved glass.

Lord Byron spent a significant portion of his life traveling and exploring the wonders of the world, which was reflected in his poetry and captured Europe’s imagination. Ignited by this, the strong character of this decorative lighting creation will not allow it to go unnoticed. This luxurious chandelier transports us back to the 18th century, unveiling a rich historical context. Unified with a modern accent, it perfectly balances past and present. In parallel with having a versatile character, this luxury Castro Lighting design can fit harmoniously in any space and complement a variety of decor styles.

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