December 5, 2016

Duravit expands its program of with two lit mirrors – one with indirect ambient light on all four sides and the other with dual-light fields at the sides. The new mirrors embody Duravit’s modern aesthetic, keeping design at the forefront while incorporating benefits such as adjustable light and touchless control. The designs seamlessly mesh with Duravits existing collections. The mirrors feature sensor-driven light control and LED technology that casts a more natural glow.

The ambient light mirror provides an attractive, indirect light from all four sides. The wallwash effect casts light on the room, rather than straight on the user to create a natural ambiance. The dual-light mirror provides a more direct illumination coming from light on the right and left sides of the mirror. The mirror features a specially developed deflector profile that lends it an incredibly high light yield.  Both mirrors are also available as optional “premium” editions, which include heating capabilities to prevent them from misting over and touchless sensor operation, allowing them be controlled at the source in addition to at the light switch.