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Kichler Lighting Ceiling Space Collection

June 16, 2023

Kichler Lighting LLC, has introduced the interior decorative collection Ceiling Space. This new collection focuses on emulating the latest ceiling design trends while going above and beyond to achieve a striking decorative element. Kichler’s newest fixtures are available in several finishes, including black, white, champagne bronze, polished nickel and classic pewter. 

The Ceiling Space Collection includes 10 new families: 

Brit — Clean and crisp, the Brit collection is modern industrial style. Instantly elevating your space, Brit is refined and forever on-trend. 

Cecil — Open spaces and geometric shapes make the Cecil collection go beyond the traditional. Where opulence and modern meet, you’ll find Cecil.  

Malen (pictured) — A beautiful arrangement of lights, the Malen collection was inspired by the notion of holding and resting, as its shade rests comfortably into the design. 

Niva — Globes, arches and domes define the Niva collection. Its modern shape and refined finishes are complemented by its versatility.

Ocala — Sunburst forms, ribbed details and crystal accents make the Ocala collection elegantly unique. When ordinary isn’t your style, Ocala is. 

Remy — Invigorating and modern, the Remy collection does not need added detail to shine. Its minimalistic, refined style makes Remy the center of attention. 

Riu — The Riu collection features sleek forms and bold geometry, the essence of modern design. Riu’s simple style speaks for itself.  

Sago — Slim, sleek, and savvy — the Sago collection epitomizes modern lighting. Its minimalist design and on-trend dual-finish make it an easy choice. 

Sisu — The Sisu collection emphasizes a minimalistic style that is sleek and modern. Sisu keeps it simple. 

Tibbi — The Tibbi collection plays well with modern lifestyles. There’s versatility in its simplicity and refinement in its design.

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