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AkzoNobel Lush Palette

November 6, 2022

From its Color of the Year 2023 Wild Wonder, AkzoNobel’s Lush palette is inspired by being one with the land and living minimally.

To bring its Color of the Year 2023 Wild Wonder to life in real-world applications, coatings and finishes, AkzoNobel’s Global Wood Design team in High Point, North Carolina, has created four unique palettes, including Lush, all driven by the themes, balance and rhythms of nature. 

The four palettes – connected by the overarching theme of Seeds of Wonder – are:

  • Lush – contemporary, one with the land, living minimally
  • Buzz – transitional design, vibrant colors, harmony
  • Raw – cottage design, earth tones, organic
  • Flow – traditional design, water, sand

These palettes will be a key influence on home decor – including furniture, flooring, cabinetry and building products – in the coming year and make it easy for both designers and consumers to choose colors and combinations for a timeless look that also reflects current trends and consumer preferences.

Experts from AkzoNobel’s Global Color and Design studio for Wood Coatings work with color designers to create new colors and effects in paints and coatings, drawing inspiration from other areas of society, such as fashion, lifestyle and nature. Building on the annual trend research, AkzoNobel’s Global Wood Design team works closely with both technical experts, and with designers, architects and wood manufacturers around the world to ensure its finishes are robust and can be industrialized world-wide.

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