Ann Sacks Alo Tile

January 6, 2023

Kohler has introduced the Alo Tile by Ann Sacks, offering attractive, neutral shades that shape surfaces in fluid spaces. The interplay of light in Alo defines a decorative concept inspired by the graininess of earth. This intimate and sophisticated harmony of nature allows energy and balance to be regained. The Alo collection also features a decorative mosaic made from recycled glass of discarded TV and PC screens. Every tiny chip is unique and has its own shades of the same tone, creating a dynamic surface that is soft to the touch.

Alo is available in two field tiles and as a mosaic. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor wall and flooring applications, including commercial, as well as for installation on shower walls and for high temperature areas, such as behind ranges and fireplace surrounds. The material is not affected by freeze or thaw, so the tiles can also be used for submerged areas like pools or fountains.