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Antolini Cristallo Vitrum Wow

April 1, 2024

Antolini MilanoDuomo opens its doors to the Ways of Wonder during the 2024 edition of Fuorisalone: the showroom in the city center hosts Cristallo Vitrum Wow as main character of its Design Week. This specific Natural Quartz, a precious material of the highest impact, was in fact chosen for the scenic bathtub at the center of the showroom (shown here), for the terra kitchen featured in collaboration with minotticucine, and for the updated Tableware Collection.

The designs based on the application of Cristallo Vitrum Wow are viable thanks to the combination between the innate qualities of the material and the excellent processing expertise of Antolini’s technical team. Cristallo Vitrum Wow is a particularly hard natural stone, it is durable and unalterable even against stains and scratches; among its excellent features, it can be backlit thanks to the variation of its structure and surface, which also includes completely transparent parts. Its unique hardness presents challenges in handling and processing, requiring the use of a diamond tip and, crucially, specialized technical expertise.

The first project carries visitors into the world of a precious spa, where a bathtub made entirely of Cristallo Vitrum Wow welcomes them. The bathtub has been carved from a unique block of Natural Quartz, crafted through the collaboration between technical innovation and careful craftsmanship. The excavation was performed using specific technologies, while the polished finish has entirely been done by hand by a specialized team. Thanks to the translucency of the stone and depending also on the lighting design, the bathtub changes color during the day, creating numerous scenarios.

Photo credit: Antolini

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