Antolini Exclusive Collection Introductions

July 22, 2021

Antolini introduces new members to its Exclusive Collection, including Cristallo Traslux, Feldspato Diamante, Silver Dark and Silver Stream.

Cristallo Traslux is a magnificent natural quartz that allows light to penetrate and spread in any setting, creating a marvelous translucent effect. Sophisticated and highly prized, this stone is the ideal choice for those who want to create environments with plenty of light and those who require materials that offer a multi-faceted personality. The sense of lightness, which reveals itself to be the leading characteristic of this amazing stone, conveys the surprising creative force of Mother Nature. As a result, Cristallo Traslux is ideal for both ultra-modern spaces and more traditional contexts.

With its name translated to “diamond feldspar,” it’s no wonder this gorgeous natural stone shines bright with a one of a kind elegance. A granite in Antolini’s Exclusive Collection, this stone provides calming pastel hues of blue among a bold earthy background, combining together to dazzle the eye with charm.

The soul of Silver Dark is impetuous. The swirling veins of this splendid granite chase each other like clouds a moment before the thunder; like waves dragged by spirals of gravity. Mother Nature conceals her entire history in the beauty of natural stone, and through the patterns of Silver Dark, she narrates the encounter between light and darkness – the ancestral strength of the elements. This mysterious and powerful granite offers the key to give life to design projects.

The glowing, luminous veins and silvery variations of Silver Stream (pictured) generate a striking surface with dynamism and power. An Antolini exclusive, this marble has tones of gray, white and black, reflecting the movement of the naturally unforeseeable force of the material. As a facing with a contemporary style, it is particularly ideal for indoor settings. This natural stone is a refined material whose value lies in its distinct character and primordial, timeless elegance.