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Ceramica Fondovalle MyTop

May 8, 2022

Born from design for design, the Ceramica Fondovalle MyTop slabs are the result of an Italian manufacturing process that is combined with the most advanced and expert craft production technologies. The result, introduced at Coverings 2022, is a sintered surface with the highest technical performance, guarantee of safety and resistance that opens up new design avenues to the world of architecture and furnishings.

Able to combine aesthetics, performance, practicality and workability, the Ceramica Fondovalle MyTop porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs are a ductile and complete tool available to designers and creators in which the sophisticated designs of surfaces are cloaked in a technological and resistant material, the perfect alternative to traditional materials such as plastic agglomerates, natural stone and metals.

The porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs in 12- and 20-mm thicknesses are particularly suitable for kitchen counters, bathrooms, work surfaces, tables and for custom furniture. They become an excellent alternative to other materials such as marble, granite and aluminium thanks to the hardness, hygiene properties and impermeability of porcelain stoneware. The slabs can be cut, worked and drilled to adapt to numerous uses. The large sizes, the quality of the materials and the high technical performance open up new expressive avenues, representing an invitation to design and construct.

A sophisticated naturalness is the theme that unites all the Ceramica Fondovalle MyTop creations, inspired by marble, concrete, resins and metals. Sought after textures, processed with handcrafted workmanship and rare technologies form the basis of a re-edition of the ceramic surface on a wider scale that preserves its aesthetic and practical value with a lasting beauty.

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