Crossville Ossido Porcelain Tile

August 10, 2021

Crossville Inc. has announced the launch of its Ossido porcelain tile panel collection. The panels are crafted to evoke the look of materials left in the elements to weather and oxidize and captured at the peak point of visual appeal in durable porcelain that won’t corrode or transfer with time.

The collection comes in three color variations – Nero, Bruno and Verderame – mimicking the appearance of verdigris copper and weathered metals.

The panels come in 1-by-3m sheets with the Laminam 5.6mm thickness. They are suitable for interior wall and floor applications in both commercial and residential settings. All colors are available in the 3+mm thickness by special order. The collection is manufactured by Laminam in Italy and distributed exclusively by Crossville Inc. in the U.S.