Devon&Devon Garden of Dreams Wallpaper

December 9, 2022

Devon&Devon introduces the Garden of Dreams wallpaper series, part of its new Secret Gardens wallpaper collection, the result of the collaboration between the brand and Marcel Wanders studio.  

Conceived as a dive deep into the creative universe of Marcel Wanders studio, the new wallpaper series wraps the walls in a surreal pattern made up of continuous surprises hidden in even the smallest details — a strawberry kept in an air bubble, a tiny fish hidden by a leaf, a piece of fruit suspended in the sky like a hot air balloon. The Garden of Dreams wallpaper is available in three colors — light, sepia and navy. 

The Secret Gardens Collection includes four patterns that transform walls into imaginative worlds that invite the viewer to explore with curiosity, contemplate with enchantment or discover with a smile. The individual wallpaper modules of this collection can be freely hung side by side, both horizontally and vertically.