Durasein Patternine Collection

March 30, 2023

Durasein teamed up with Craig Woehrle, founder of Patternine, to machine mesmerizing parametric designs into Durasein’s material. The result is a 3D medium for everything from backlit wall panels to furniture. The Patternine collection for Durasein exemplifies just how incredible Durasein solid surface can be.

Parametric design is a paradigm where the relationship between elements is used to manipulate and inform the design of complex geometries and structures. Pushing past the old boundaries of what solid surface material can do, Durasein’s D.Lab team partnered with Woehrle, and thanks to its highly efficient production lines and D.Lab team, created a mind-blowing, swirly, whirly 3D medium for nearly any vertical surface.

Durasein’s solid surfaces are composed of two-thirds natural minerals and one third high performance acrylic resin and pigments. The result is a material that is quite “stonelike” yet able to be shaped with standard woodworking tools. This ease of manipulation allows for endless creative opportunities. All surfaces are impact, scratch, heat & fire resistant, as well as food safe, non-toxic, non-porous, anti-bacterial, low VOC and mold/mildew resistant.