Eldorado Stone

September 5, 2017

The Modern Collection by Eldorado Stone features the warm tones and textures of authentic stone to deliver a fresh, modern look with visual and tactile appeal. The collection includes a variety of stone and brick veneers that minimize the need to rely upon furniture, flooring and textiles to infuse contemporary environments with depth, dimension and character.

The Modern Collection includes 14 stone and brick veneer profiles, each available in a variety of color tones. Long, clean lines are characteristic of the collection, as displayed in profiles such as Vantage30, where gentle textural surfaces add elements of movement to create a planking appearance. Other profiles within the collection, such as Cliffstone and European Ledge, pair textural features of old-world stonework with modern elements in both lighter and darker hues to add warmth to any interior or exterior space. Featured is Pebble Beach LedgeCut33.