Hottrok Insulating Panel

December 9, 2021

Hottrok is an insulating panel for installing radiant heat under tile. It is rigid and board-like and maintains a predictable, flat surface. Developed by a professional tile setter, Hottrok takes heated tile to the next level in just one step with its patent-pending design. 

Many current products have long frustrated installers with issues that range from adhesion to the subfloor, lifting, curling, dry times and wire configuration struggles — all the while needing to keep the floor flat for tile.

Hottrok solves these problems and has huge insulating benefits as well. It adheres to the subfloor with thinset, and fasteners can be used over a wood substrate. Hottrok’s 3-in. on-center grid pattern makes wire layout simple, easy and predictable. Cover with protective mesh, mix your thinset and lay your tile — it’s that easy. 

When it comes to the homeowner, Hottrok saves energy and is sound insulating. Unlike other common products, it has a significant R-Value and provides a thermal break between the tile and the subfloor, so it drives the heat energy upward into the living space.

Rated by the TCNA for residential and light commercial applications, Hottrok comes in panels of 2-by-3-ft. (6 square feet by 1⁄2 inch height) that make it easier to configure and plan your job. In addition to simplifying the process, Hottrok is comfortable on your knees and is easy to measure and cut. It is formed using the industry standard material polypropylene and is 100% recyclable. 

Hottrok takes heated tile to the next level in just one step. Its patent-pending design was developed by a professional tile setter who knew there had to be a better way.

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