Island Stone Nomad Collection

May 17, 2022

With the Nomad collection, Island Stone is taking its distinct modern, natural design aesthetic to a new medium—ceramics. Partnering with one of the most well-known ceramic tile manufacturers in Valencia, Spain, and leveraging 120 years of expertise, Island Stone developed Nomad, a ceramic tile range that features subtle translucent glazes and effortlessly flowing surfaces. Offered in a modern 3.5-by-12-in. subway format, the collection balances the demand for larger commercial project tiles with a size appropriate for residential use.

The Nomad collection includes three distinctively Island Stone textures, each offering a modern interpretation of naturally occurring elements. Undulating surfaces in the Nomad tiles yield subtle tonal effects in the finished glazes, creating natural visual movement. The collection’s six glaze colors are designed to seamlessly fit with other Island Stone offerings.

Designers can create custom surfaces by blending the classic undulating field tiles with either of two coordinating decorative tiles. Sago, inspired by tropical palm leaves, features raised striations and curved edges that playfully dance across the surface. Ebb & Flow evokes the rolling lines created by waves flowing toward a sandy coastline. Placed together, the two designs create a harmonious surface of soothing textures.

Nomad reflects a major step for Island Stone, aggressively entering the most established segment of the tile industry with a range manufactured to the highest standards. Ceramic’s resilience and hence popularity for use across larger and more diverse areas opens new opportunities to bring the Island Stone aesthetic into more projects and different application areas.