November 3, 2016

Vicenze-based Margraf presents the inlay collection, a new series of finishes and tiles designed by Assia Karaguiozova. The inlay collection, designed by Assia Karaguiozova and made using water jet technology, brings together the world of animals with bright and lively colors on the one hand and a thorough study of space on the other, giving a personal touch to the shades of white, gray and black and achieving a stylistic balance between color and neutral space.

Fish, starfish, birds and reptiles in a mix of colors and soft shapes create balanced and evocative designs that can be replicated with marbles of different shades: a white, black and gray inlay capable of “breaking through” the wall with a 3D design; two inlays characterized by a neutral black or white background and by lively colored decorations; flooring with a white background made using warm colored marble to create a confetti effect and a rosette on a black background to imagine the splinters of a star that has exploded into countless pieces.