Onix Glass Mosaics

May 31, 2023

Spanish brand Onix presents new glass mosaics inspired by nature for 2023. Specialized in the design and manufacture of high-end recycled glass mosaic, the brand offers these new ideas for the new season as the result of analyzing today’s design trends and lifestyles.

The trend toward minimalist lines is reflected in the use of tiles in neutral and natural tones. Likewise, inspiration from nature is very present in today’s interior design and habitat trends, and the new mosaics reflect this in designs inspired by organic elements.

Onix offers mosaics in a variety of formats and shapes, ranging from the 19mm penny to hexagonal and square shapes in multiple sizes. Likewise, the glass mosaic is a singular product that allows the creation of thousands of games and drawings with its combinations, patterns, textures and colors. It is a product of decorative wealth that allows creators to develop projects tailored to their individual needs.