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Quartzforms Ecotone

March 31, 2024

Ecotone from Quartzforms, a Scapin Group company, is the new generation of slabs made with recycled components, a resin derived from bio-compound, containing less than 5% silica. Through the most advanced quartz processing technology, this material offers an alternative with a low impact on the environment while delivering outstanding technical performances such as resistance to impacts, scratches, stains, and acidic substances.

In nature, Ecotone is a transitional environment between two ecosystems or more generally between two homogeneous though distinct entities: Ecotone aims to be a transitional material between technical quartz, produced with a traditional methodology, and a more cutting-edge surface that places its focus on respecting our planet. In fact, 60% of the power used in slab production is from wind power and the water used is recycled.

The Ecotone New Era collection, created from the fusion of different elements culminating in their rebirth in new guises, expresses the eternal fascination of metamorphosis. A range of seductive surfaces, between influences of classicism and contemporary mood, ideal for use as kitchen counter-top, for the bathroom environment and as wall and floor covering.

The slabs come with either glossy or matte finish, in 320 x 155 cm size and 2 or 3 cm thickness.

Photo credit: Quartzforms

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