Sartoria Mar Collection

August 19, 2021

Sartoria, a Terratinta Group brand, is launching Mar, the new collection of ceramic wall tiles for the summer of 2021 that holds in its name the origin of this evocative decorative project. Mar, or Maioliche Antiche di Recupero (Ancient Recovered Majolica), is a tribute to the majolica floor tiles of the Mediterranean tradition, a sort of “memory of the past” to be integrated into contemporary space.

The past is a treasure case of knowledge, and with Mar, tradition evolves and is reinterpreted, starting from its most famous form, majolica, becoming a furnishing element in its own right. The graphic line painted on the 20-by-20 tiles evokes places linked to the territory of southern Italy, creating an engaging virtual tour.

Mar’s color palette consists of warm tones, delicate decorations, simple geometries and elaborate embroidery.