Spaghetti Wall Bathroom Wallpapers

July 17, 2023

Spaghetti Wall offers a range of bathroom wallpapers that bring the feeling of being outdoors into the home. From optical textures to floral graphics, elegant artist’s watercolors, subtle patterns created by freehand drawing or tropical macro effects, there is no limit to creative expression in the bathroom with Spaghetti Wall wallpapers. All of the brand’s subjects — sized and customized to suit the wall to which they are to be applied — can be used in contact with water if printed on the fiberglass wallpaper, in the basic colors white and gold. With a subtle material texture and high performance, these wallcoverings resist wear and tear and are easy to wash and sanitize thanks to the waterproof finish treatment that ensures the total impermeability of the covering while preserving the colors and textures.

The bathroom wallpapers can also be laid directly over existing tiles, such as in the shower niche, in the washbasin area or to create elegant boiserie, making it easier to renovate while maintaining a uniform and perfectly smooth appearance.